Does Your Home Have Indoor Air Pollution? We Can Help.

Indoor Air Pollution Filter

Indoor air pollution can make allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues worse. Invisible pollutants like bacteria, mold, dirt, spores, and dust can reduce air quality and make the air in your home four to five times more polluted than the air outside. If you or a member of your family suffers from respiratory issues, air pollution may be to blame. Oliver can help restore the air quality in your home so you and your loved ones can breathe better and stay healthy.

When to Check Your Home’s Air Quality

There are several factors that can contribute to indoor air pollution. Pet dander, cigarette smoke, and fumes from cooking can lead to a reduction in your home’s air quality. If you are concerned about germs, viruses, and bacteria, having your home checked for air pollution can help you and your family stay healthy and safe. Oliver can improve your home’s air quality by implementing the following solutions:

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers work like trees to clean the air in your home with hydrogen and oxygen. Germs, dust, and allergens don’t stand a chance against the state-of-the-art HEPA-AIRE air scrubber installed by Oliver complete with a UV germicidal light. Having an air scrubber installed can reduce contaminants by 99.9%, allowing you to breathe easier and avoid common issues caused by air pollutants.

Duct Cleaning

Air ducts are an important part of your heating and cooling system, so it’s very important that they are cleaned properly. Oliver can provide duct cleaning services that will contain 99.7% of microbial contaminants, keeping the air in your home breathable, fresh, and clean. Having your air ducts cleaned can also improve airflow, so your home stays at a consistent, comfortable temperature.

High Quality Air Filter

The high-quality air filters installed by Oliver have a 10/16 MERV rating and are highly effective at removing dander, dirt, cigarette smoke, dust, and more. We can integrate an air filter into your HVAC system to reduce indoor air pollution and improve the air quality in your home.

Trust Oliver to Eliminate Indoor Air Pollution

Homeowners in the Delaware Valley can trust Oliver to implement the right solution and eliminate indoor air pollution. Our team members have the training and experience needed to clean your heating and cooling system, so you can be certain you’re getting the best service when you choose us. When you trust us to restore your home’s air quality, you’ll enjoy clean, fresh air every day. If you’re ready to say goodbye to odors, allergens, and bacteria in your home, simply contact Oliver today.

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