Try a Good Duct Cleaning This Winter

As the years roll on, your home’s ductwork sees a lot of dust, dirt, debris, mold, and more, and all of these things can build up over time. When this happens, the air that flows through your ducts can pick up these airborne contaminants and spread them throughout your home, making it harder to breathe.

This winter, why not choose a service that not only improves your family’s health but improves your family’s home, too? With a duct cleaning from Oliver Heating & Cooling, our experts can inspect your ductwork and remove particle buildup and/or growth that is contaminating your home’s air.

As our duct cleaning experts inspect your duct system, we’ll note if it’s in bad shape and if so, we’ll explain the situation and will suggest a duct replacement. In addition, if we find that your ductwork doesn’t actually fit the size of your home or sufficiently complement your HVAC system, we’ll also suggest a replacement. New, quality ductwork can help your heating and air conditioning operate more efficiently as well as keep your indoor air clean.

The Importance of Clean Air

We spend most of our lives indoors, which means our indoor air should be as clean as possible. After a duct cleaning from our experts, your family won’t have to worry about inhaling airborne irritants like dust, pet dander, smoke, debris, and more – all of which can worsen allergy or asthma symptoms and make it harder for elderly family members to breathe. We want your family to be as healthy as possible and we know that clean indoor air can help make that happen.

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