The Benefits of Clean Indoor Air


indoor air quality

As a homeowner, you may not think much about your indoor air quality and the effect it can have on you and your family. If you’re living with a low quality of indoor air, you may be suffering from it more than you think – indoor air can enhance allergy symptoms, trigger illnesses, spread contaminants, and more.

At Oliver, we’ve heard many customers complain about situations like these and our recommendation is to contact one of our expert air duct cleaners for a consultation. Cleaner air can help:

Ease Asthma

People who suffer from asthma are usually sensitive to outdoor pollutants like smog, smoke, soot, fumes, and more, but what they may not realize is indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air. When you have clean indoor air, it will be much easier to breathe and therefore, much easier to perform your daily activities and live comfortably.

Reduce Allergies

While many problem-causing allergens are found outside (like pollen, spores, grass, etc.), many indoor allergens like dust, mold, and dander also cause problems. When your home’s duct system isn’t cleaned correctly, these allergens will constantly build and recirculate throughout your home, making it hard for allergy sufferers to avoid a reaction.

Shorten Illnesses

We’ve all been sick, and being sick is never fun. Whether you come down with a cold, the flu, or bronchitis, poor indoor air quality will only magnify or extend symptoms like congestion, sneezing, and itching (especially in children and elderly individuals). Clean air will help your body fight the illness and shorten its length.

Improve Wellness

Even if you don’t suffer from asthma, allergies, or an illness, great indoor air quality will allow more oxygen to get to your brain. This lets you to breathe better, sleep better, stay more alert, feel more refreshed, and improve your overall wellness.

Let our air duct cleaners assess your home. Once we’ve inspected it and determined what’s causing the particle buildup, we’ll clean or replace it. Whether you’re in need of a full duct cleaning, a new filter, or a humidifier, we’ll help you purify the air you breathe and live better.

What You Can Do

After we restore your air quality, there are many things you can do to keep it clean: Invest in some house plants – they are known to purify the air. Also, don’t smoke in the house and vacuum often to keep particles and allergens from settling in your carpet. Dusting your house on a regular basis is also a good idea, as well as cleaning water fixtures to prevent build-up.

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