Everything You Need To Know About Carbon Monoxide, But Were Afraid To Ask (Part 2)

It feels a little strange to be writing a post about Carbon Monoxide (CO) prevention on a 60 degree day in December. Actually, it feels a little strange to be using the phrase “60 degree day in December” at all! But, the reality is, the cold weather is just around the corner, and CO safety is something that we should all take very seriously.

In part one, we reviewed the symptoms of CO poisoning and shared some reminders about home safety during a power outage. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the things to be aware of throughout the winter, and ways that you can help prevent a CO problem from affecting your home.

The very first prevention recommendation given by the Center for Disease Control is to keep up with your heater maintenance. Notice that they specify to have your system maintained by a qualified technician. “Qualified” is an important word here. Make sure that anyone working on your system has proper training and is knowledgeable about both the technical and safety aspects of a maintenance visit.

Your next line of defense is a CO monitor. We recommend a model that detects carbon monoxide at low levels and can provide an early warning against this deadly substance. Our customer service representatives or technicians will be happy to help answer any questions you may have about CO monitors.

Under no circumstances should you try to heat your home with a gas stove. If you have a fireplace or wood stove as supplemental heat source, do not start burning until the equipment is properly vented. Again, a qualified professional should clean and inspect your chimney to be sure there are no blockages that could cause CO to build up in your home.

Carbon monoxide poisoning should be taken very seriously, and these basic precautions should be taken every year to keep your home and family safe. If you need help with a CO monitor, or to schedule your annual maintenance visit, please give us a call at 484-477-0461.

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