How Many BTU Air Conditioner Do I Need?

How Many BTU Air Conditioner

Choosing the Right BTU Air Conditioner

As summertime temperatures climb in the Delaware Valley, your aging air conditioner could start to struggle. To replace your air conditioner, you need to know the answer to “How many BTU air conditioner do I need?”. You will enjoy the greatest comfort and energy efficiency with the right BTU air conditioner for your home. As a homeowner, you can calculate an approximate answer. This information helps you prepare a budget.

Match BTU to Your Home’s Square Footage

BTU is the abbreviation for British thermal unit, a measurement of energy output. In regards to air conditioners, the BTU number on the appliance describes how many tons of air volume it can effectively cool. Technically, the BTU reflects how much heat energy it can remove from circulating air. You will also sometimes see the abbreviation BTUh. The “h” indicates the cooling capacity per hour.

To know the volume of air in your home, you measure the square footage. BTU calculators for air conditioners then translate this number into tons. You need an air conditioner with the capacity to treat the number of tons of air inside your living space.

Relationship Between BTU and Air Conditioner Cost

As you look over air conditioner prices, you’ll see that units with high BTUs cost more than low BTUs. A more powerful appliance requires more resources to build, which accounts for the prices rising in relation to the BTU number.

Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

A lower BTU air conditioner could tempt you as a means of saving money. Going that route will disappoint you. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling capacity produces poor results. The appliance will consume extra energy and fail to cool your home. You want a BTU level that meets or slightly exceeds a house’s cooling capacity needs. Going too far beyond what you need will reduce performance as well.

How Many BTU Air Conditioner Do I Need? – Solved

An HVAC specialist from Oliver will find the BTU sweet spot for your air conditioner. We apply our experience with our region’s climate, insulation, and ductwork to calculate BTU. In this way, you receive precise recommendations for air conditioners perfectly suited to your home. Contact us today about a new air conditioner.

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