Duct Maintenance Now Means Lower Heating Bills Later

air duct cleaning

We know – it’s only September and we’re talking about heating bills, but in just a couple months, we’re all going to be turning up the heat when the temperatures drop. We know you’re not looking forward to paying high prices for your heat, which is why it’s a great idea to maintain your ductwork before it gets cold.

A Thorough Cleaning

At Oliver, we offer a thorough air duct cleaning that will remove the thousands of dust mites and contaminants that get trapped in your ductwork. Even if you have an energy efficient HVAC system, when your ducts are dirty, the warm air from your heater won’t travel as well and you’ll have to use more heat to make the house comfortable. Let our experts help. We’ll quickly and thoroughly get rid of any build-up in your ducts.

Proper Insulation

Insulation is what helps maintain the temperature of your home – it’s what keeps the warm air from escaping and what keeps the cold air from coming in. If your ductwork isn’t insulated properly, you’ll lose a lot of your heat and will end up paying more on your monthly energy bills. How much insulation you need depends on what area of the country you live in and what your current insulation situation is like. Talk to someone who can give you all the details.


If you have ductwork with holes in the pipes or bad connections between pipes, you could be losing a good chunk of your heating efficiency (up to 20%). This means that you’ll not only be producing more carbon emissions, but you’ll also be paying for more heat than necessary. Repairs can be hard to detect yourself, so have a professional come to your home and inspect your ductwork.

Air Quality

As a bonus, clean, insulated, and repaired ductwork will mean a better quality of indoor air for you and your family. Clean indoor air means you’ll be breathing in fewer contaminants that could ultimately make you ill or make existing conditions (like allergies or asthma) worse.

So maintain your ducts now and come winter, you’ll enjoy a much more efficient heating system, healthier air, and lower heating bills.

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