Backup Power Generator Safety Tips

Backup Power Generator Safety Tips

There are always occasions when you may need to use a backup generator. If you are going to use one of these handy tools, it is important that you know about backup power generator safety tips.

5 Backup Power Generator Safety Tips You Must Know

1. Always operate your generator in an outside location. Generators produce exhaust, and that exhaust can be harmful. Run your generator in a safe outdoor location, and do not place it by any window.

2. Never connect your generator to your home’s electrical system. For your protection, you should only use the generator to run a few necessary items in your home through an extension cord. These generators are not equipped to handle the power necessary to run an entire home. Direct wiring your generator to your home is a fire and electrical hazard.

3. One of the most important backup power generator safety tips is to allow your generator to cool down completely before refueling. If you have been running your generator for a while, allow it to cool down before refueling. When the generator has cooled, you will also have the opportunity to check the oil to ensure it has enough to run correctly.

4. Do not allow your generator to operate in rainy or wet conditions. Electricity and water do not mix. If you are running a portable generator, make sure that it is dry. Never operate a generator that has gotten wet until it has completely dried.

5. Never store generator fuel in a closed area or near the generator. Generator fuel will produce fumes, which can be as flammable as the fuel itself. Store fuel in a well-ventilated area and away from the machine, which can get hot while running and accidentally ignite the fuel.

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