The Best Types of Lighting for Each Room

Whether you’re starting fresh with a new room design or you’re updating an old one, lighting plays a big role in your decor and your style. Here are some suggestions from our electrical experts about the best types of lighting for each room:


A Chandelier

Nothing says classic kitchen lighting like a chandelier and these days, there are a variety of styles to complement any type of decor. Some of the most popular include contemporary, rustic, traditional, and transitional.


Under/Above Cabinet Lights

If you want to not only highlight your kitchen backsplash, but also add a touch of accentuation, under cabinet lights are a great way to go. You can also even out the ambiance by adding above cabinet lighting.


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a popular alternative to chandeliers, as they also hang from the ceiling and are often centered above an island or kitchen table. Pendant lights can come in many different styles and with just one bulb or several.



A Chandelier

A chandelier in your bedroom is a great way to add light but also add focus. Chandeliers can be hung in the center of the room, above the bed, or even on either side of the bed to make a design statement.


Drum Lights

For years, drum lights have been a favorite lighting choice for a bedroom. With styles like contemporary, traditional, rustic, crystal, and more, you can add a sleek lighting concept to your personal space.


Standing/Table Lamps

If ceiling lights aren’t your style, consider making standing and/or table lamps your lighting source. Both types of lights come in lots of different styles (and many times you can find a set with the same design) so you can add a bit of luxury, country, modernity, and more.

Living Room


Track Lights

Because track lights can be angled in different directions, this type of lighting gives you an easy way to highlight specific parts of your living room. It also provides a minimalist, modern look that you can use in small areas or throughout your whole room.


Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are a popular pick for living rooms because most styles emit light at both the top and bottom of the fixture. This gives you a large amount of light from a small design that also adds a richness to the decor.


Standing Lamps

While ceiling lights or wall lights are often used as the primary lighting source in a living room, standing lamps can be used to give you extra light in areas that need it, such as corners or above reading chairs.


Recessed Lights

If lighting fixtures as a focus aren’t your style, recessed lights give you a way to illuminate your entire room without seeing lamp shades, light bulbs, canopies, stems, and more. These lights sit up in your ceiling to give your room a simple look.



Ceiling Lights

Bathrooms tend to be the smaller rooms in your home, which means they don’t need a lot of lighting. One simple ceiling light is usually enough for your bathroom and you can find styles in ovals, circles, squares, domes, and more to complement any decor.


Mini Pendant Lights

While the most popular type of bathroom light is an over-the-mirror wall sconce, mini pendant lights can add a different kind of design element. Hang these lights on either side of your mirror for a touch of elegance.


Wall Sconces

Many of today’s bathroom use wall sconces to illuminate the area around the mirror. Whether your fixtures are above the mirror or on either side, sconces are a way to achieve lots of light while taking up minimal space.

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