Importance Of a Heat Pump or Furnace Tune-Up

Importance Of a Heat Pump or Furnace Tune-Up

Are You Ready For the Upcoming Winter?

If you’d like to make sure your heating system is ready for the cold winter days that are on their way, make sure you schedule a heat pump or furnace tune-up from the expert technicians at Oliver. Just like your car that requires regular maintenance, annual heater tune-ups help ensure that your system will continue to function efficiently throughout the cold months. Contact us today to make an appointment. Hurry, our schedule is filling up fast! Learn more about the benefits of a heating system tune-up:

Safeguard Against Breakdowns

During your furnace tune-up we often catch small problems before they cause major issues or even lead to a breakdown. If even one part of your heating system is faulty it could be putting strain on the entire unit which leads to breakdowns, typically during the coldest days.

This can not only be a frustrating situation, but a very dangerous one as well. While Oliver does offer emergency heating repair services, we’d like to help you avoid the need for that by ensuring your system is well maintained. We can fix issues before they leave you and your family without heat during a cold night.

Save On Energy Bills

Did you know that after a tune-up your system is also much more energy efficient? Scheduling annual heater tune-ups from Oliver can save you on your home’s energy cost. That’s because we carefully test, inspect, and clean all components of your heating system to ensure it’s as energy efficient as possible.

We also make sure that the heat is flowing evenly throughout your home. Do you have some rooms that stay colder than others? Or maybe you have warm spots in a particular room? Heating systems that are dirty or faulty have a difficult time dispersing the warm air evenly. This issue is easily preventable with a heat pump or furnace tune-up annually.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One thing many homeowners don’t realize is that all heating systems produce carbon monoxide, a colorless odorless gas. If your heater is not properly maintained there could be a carbon monoxide leak that leads to a very dangerous and even deadly situation. Sadly, carbon monoxide poisoning causes 500 deaths per year on average. When you receive a furnace tune-up from Oliver you will receive a free carbon monoxide test that can show your system is not producing high levels of carbon monoxide.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Oil, gas and propane systems tend to accumulate dirt and dust over time. A furnace tune up from Oliver will ensure any debris is cleared out. We also provide you with a standard 1” disposable filter. Changing the filters in your system can prolong the equipment life of your system. A clean heating system reduces seasonal allergies as well as reduces the risk of aggravating asthma.

Schedule Your Heat Pump or Furnace Tune-Up Today

If you haven’t scheduled your heater tune-up yet, don’t wait! It’s never too early to make sure your system is ready to go for the winter. The longer you wait, the higher the chances are of you experiencing an inconvenient breakdown or worse, having a carbon monoxide leak in your home. Reach out to the experts at Oliver today to schedule your tune-up to ensure you and your family remain safe this winter.

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