Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up in Winter

Why Is My Heat Pump Freezing Up in Winter

How to Address an Iced-Up Heat Pump

During winter, heat pumps play a crucial role in maintaining household comfort. However, ice accumulation on your central air conditioning unit can disrupt its functionality. For homeowners in the Delaware Valley, Oliver offers reliable heat pump repair services that get your HVAC system running properly again. If you want to prevent why your heat pump is freezing up in winter, you can implement several measures to avoid continuing issues with your heat pump.

Understanding the Causes of Heat Pumps Freezing in Winter

In winter, a heat pump operates similarly to a standard air conditioner in summer, extracting warm air from the external environment and transferring it indoors. A heat pump incorporates a critical component, the reversing valve, managed by a microprocessor. During winter, this valve alters the refrigerant flow direction through the compressor.

In cold weather, reduced inlet pressure prompts increased compressor energy consumption. The presence of a variable speed compressor allows the heat pump precise control over heating and cooling capacities. Frozen heat pumps present a serious issue that can compromise your system’s functionality.

Reasons Behind Heat Pump Freezing and Potential Solutions

The compressors within the HVAC unit power heat pumps via refrigeration. The optimal functionality of the ice compressor relies on maintaining normal operational conditions. Encountering a frozen heat pump during winter can inconvenience your household. It’s essential to contact a professional HVAC contractor to identify and rectify issues affecting your heat pump’s performance.

Inadequate Airflow

Reduced airflow can cause indoor coil freezing due to lower compressor coil temperatures. Causes include clogged air filters or obstructions in ductwork.

Dripping Water

Accumulation of water vapor, snow, or rain on the outdoor unit’s surface results in ice formation. The heat pump’s defrosting mechanism usually manages this, but malfunctioning requires understanding how to defrost it manually.

Compressor Issues

Malfunctions or motor failures can lead to ice buildup, resulting from poor maintenance or neglect. Regularly changing air filters help prevent this issue.

Defrost Mode Failure

During excessively low outdoor coil temperatures, heat pumps engage a defrosting mode to melt ice. Failures due to a malfunctioning outdoor fan motor, defrost control, or stuck reversing valve can result in rapid ice accumulation.

Contact Our Professional HVAC Contractors

Seeking assistance to resolve heat pump issues? Homeowners who live in the Delaware Valley can rely on the seasoned HVAC experts at Oliver. Don’t let your home go long without adequate heat, contact us today to discuss how we can assist with your heat pump freezing or any other HVAC system needs.

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