Home Checklist: Get Ready for Winter

home winter checklist

Winter temperatures in the Northeast can be hard not only on you, but on your home too. Make sure you’re ready for the cold with this winter checklist that includes cleaning your gutters, insulating your pipes, replacing your weatherstripping, and more.

Check your weatherstripping.

Weatherstripping your doors and windows can help prevent both warm air from escaping and cold air from sneaking in. If your weatherstripping is worn or damaged, replace it with tubular rubber, felt, foam, or other stripping that fits your needs. You’ll save money and stay warm.

Inspect your fireplace.

Before you start those warm winter fires, inspect your fireplace (including the firebox and the flue) for cracks, soot build-up, or creosote that could cause a fire hazard. Thoroughly clean the area before your first fire and if you find any damage, call a professional to assess it and fix it.

Clean out your gutters.

As fall marches on, leaves will continue to fall and if your home is near deciduous trees (ones that lose their leaves), you’ll probably find some collected in your gutters. Don’t let them sit there. They could cause your gutters to clog and could lead to a water back-up that can seep into your house. They could also weigh down your gutters and cause damage. Make sure you clean them out after the trees are bare.

Replace your heater.

Whether your heater is outdated or simply inefficient, now’s the time to replace it with a new, energy-saving model. Our heating service experts can help you choose a heater that fits the size of your home and the size of your budget. Then, we’ll install it quickly so you can start enjoying the warmth as soon as possible.

Insulate your pipes.

Check all of the pipes in your home. If you find any exposed pipes that aren’t insulated, make sure you install insulation to prevent them from freezing and bursting. You should also inspect the insulation of your other pipes to make sure it’s still intact and effective.

Cover your condensing unit.

Before winter sets in, clean your air conditioner’s condensing unit. With a hose, spray clean the fan blades and condensing coils to remove any debris. Then, cover the unit with a waterproof, breathable material to prevent rusting and freezing during the winter.

Reverse your ceiling fans.

If your ceiling fans have “reverse” switches on them, switch them so that they’re moving in a clockwise direction. Then, use them whenever you run your heat. Since heat rises, your fans will push the heat back downward and you’ll feel warmer. Because you’ll feel warmer, you also won’t have to use your heater as often.

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