How To: Heating Vent Cleaning

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When you have dust and dirt buildup anywhere in your house, you can bet that the amount of airborne particles and allergens in the air is more than usual. That’s why it’s important to change your HVAC filter and clean your vents.

Your HVAC filter is designed to filter particles and allergens from the air as the air flows from your heater. Once the air reaches the room you’re in, it should be clean. When your filter is dirty, however, particles can flow through it and stick to the vents throughout your home instead. This means the more particles your vents collect, the more you’ll be breathing in.

To clean your vents, first turn off your heat. Then, attach a crevice tool to your vacuum hose and clean your floor, baseboard, and ceiling vents. After that, unscrew your vent covers and remove them. Wash them with mild soap and warm water, making sure to wash in between the slats. (To make things easier, you can use a small sponge paintbrush to get into nooks and crannies.)

While you let your vents dry, clean inside your ducts with your vacuum, making sure you remove as much dust, dirt, and cobweb buildup as possible. After you’re done, replace your vents and screw them back into place.

To top it all off, change your HVAC filter (especially if it hasn’t been changed in three months or more). You and your family will be breathing the cleanest air possible, which means you’ll be reducing your risk of a cold, the flu, upset allergies, or aggravated asthma symptoms.

You should aim to clean your vents at least twice a year and change your HVAC filter every three months or so. In addition, we recommend hiring a duct cleaning company (like us!) once a year to perform a thorough duct cleaning and keep your air fresh and healthy.

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