Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Ready for the Heat

While it’s getting warmer out, it may not be hot enough to turn on the air conditioning just yet. But when it does come time to cool down your home, the last thing you’ll want is an air conditioner that doesn’t work. That’s why, as HVAC repair experts, we like to remind our customers each spring to turn their air conditioner on for a few hours and make sure it’s ready to take on the heat when it comes.

By turning on your air conditioner early, you’ll give your HVAC system time to adjust to providing cold air instead of the heat it’s been producing. You’ll also be able to make sure all of the system’s components are operating correctly. Plus, running your air conditioner before you really need it will give you time to call us and address any HVAC repairs you may have.

Before you turn on your HVAC unit, refer to our checklist of things you should do:

1. Check the condenser fan: Make sure no debris is stuck inside the blades of the fan (such as twigs, dead leaves, or other debris) and that nothing is blocking the fan’s airflow.

2. Replace your HVAC filter: Your current filter has spent all winter collecting dirt and dust, so start fresh with a new one. Refer to your owner’s manual to make sure you get the correct size and style.

3. Check the coolant lines: Inspect the coolant lines to make sure their insulation is still intact and there are no leaks. If you see any damage to the lines, call our HVAC repair experts.

4. Clean your coils: Winter weather can leave your outdoor condenser coils covered in dirt and dust. Remove any debris around the coils, then use a garden hose to gently clean them. They’ll run better when nothing’s in their way.

At Oliver, we’d be happy to give your HVAC unit a proper inspection before the hot weather hits. Call us today or schedule an online appointment.