My Heat Pump Won’t Change Modes

Heat pump Won't Change Modes

When the season shifts, you will change modes on your heat pump’s thermostat. If something has gone wrong, it could take you a few minutes or hours to notice the malfunction. When you realize my heat pump won’t change modes, you can troubleshoot the problem. If it’s something minor, you might be able to fix it yourself. Even so, you should schedule routine maintenance soon. On the other hand, some malfunctions require a technician to replace parts.


  • Flashlight
  • Screwdriver

My Heat Pump Won’t Change Modes – Troubleshooting

  1. The air filter is the first thing to check. If you can’t remember the last time that you changed it, the filter is likely clogged. The blockage of airflow causes the heat pump to fail because it can’t move air.
  2. Find the air handler cabinet for your heat pump.
  3. Turn off the power supply to the heat pump.
  4. You may need a flashlight to see how to open the filter housing.
  5. The filter housing cover could be secured with screws. It’s also possible that it pops or slides off.
  6. Open the air handler cabinet.
  7. Slide out the old filter. If it’s visibly clogged, you may have found the source of your problem.
  8. Look for the arrows on the side of your new filter.
  9. Insert the new filter with the arrows pointing in the direction of airflow.
  10. Put the cover back on and restore power.
  11. Try to run the heat pump and see if it performs correctly. If not, continue with troubleshooting.
  12. The problem of my heat pump won’t change modes could be caused by a faulty thermostat.
  13. Inspect your thermostat. If it’s programmable, something in the program could be preventing the mode change.
  14. Reprogram the thermostat and see if the heat pump starts working.
  15. If the program was not the problem, open the thermostat cover.
  16. Dirty and dusty wiring or corrosion could be preventing electrical signals from communicating with the heat pump.
  17. If the wiring looks bad, contact a technician at Oliver to fix or replace the thermostat.
  18. The next thing to consider is that your heat pump has a bad reversing valve. The reversing valve controls whether the pump is moving cool or warm air. My heat pump won’t change modes is a sign of reversing valve failure.
  19. You’ll need a technician to check the valve. It might be reparable or could require replacement.
  20. Reversing valve problems could arise from a refrigerant leak. You may or may not see the leak. If you see fluid, call for professional repair. Refrigerants are toxic and must be handled by certified professionals.
  21. If your heat pump made more noise than usual the last time you ran it, the compressor could be failing. Loud operation and poor performance are symptoms of a compressor problem. Once again, this is an issue that requires professional attention.

Heat Pump Specialists at Oliver

Oliver has technicians fully capable of resolving heat pump problems. We’re trained to repair or install heat pumps and handle refrigerant safely. Let us restore the efficient heating and cooling you’ve come to appreciate from your heat pump. Reach out for heat pump services today and to schedule a free estimate.

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