Procrastinators Beware (But You’ll Probably Put Off Reading This Until It’s Too Late)

How about that crazy weather Mother Nature threw at us last week? In true Pennsylvania fashion, we went from shivering in our boots to sweating in no time flat, and then right back down again. Personally, I’m thinking it’s Groundhog’s Revenge for someone threatening a lawsuit against poor old Phil in Punxatawny.

We know lots of people turned on their air conditioners over those couple of hot days, and we’re here to give them a pat on the back for being smart cookies. If you toughed it out thinking it was too early to run your air conditioner, you missed out on more than a few hours of sweet relief! Typically, the first heat wave of the year is a crazy time here at Oliver. Our phones ring off the hook from beginning to end with people who need us to get their homes cooled off and back to normal. We’re happy to help of course, but what a lot of people calling on those days don’t realize is that they missed some golden opportunities to avoid the rush.

Find Problems Early

Running your air conditioner now can give you an early warning of problems that may have developed over the winter. Don’t remember hearing that strange noise? Call Oliver. Thermostat not reaching the temperature you think it should? Call Oliver. And when you find these things out in April instead of late June, you’ll spend a lot less time on the phone and anxiously waiting for a tech to arrive – we get them there as soon as we can, but we know it can feel like forever if you’re having a problem!

Don’t worry folks, it isn’t too late to be a smart cookie! Temperatures will be heading back up into the 70′s this week, a perfect opportunity to test out your air conditioner without the pressure of a massive heat wave headed our way. Hopefully, everything will work great! But if not, you can get it taken care of now and just think how good that will feel when you see the repair trucks rolling down the street to your less prepared neighbors’ homes in a few months!