To Do Today: 3 Things To Reduce Allergies

We’re all very excited for the arrival of sunny days! Yesterday was so nice that my husband and I strapped the baby in the stroller and walked to a local restaurant for dinner. The food was great, and we all enjoyed the fresh air – even though we both had terrible sinus pressure from our allergies by the time we got home. Some experts are predicting that this could be one of the worst allergy seasons in 10 years because the deep freeze this winter and lingering thawing process delayed the usual, gradual start to pollen season and all of it is bursting out at once now. And Philadelphia being in the Top 25 on the list of worst allergy cities in the US doesn’t really help any of us! Here are 3 quick and easy things that can help though, why not give them a try?


First, pick up a jar of local honey. You can find it at most health stores and farmers’ markets. In the process of making honey, bees process the pollen into a version that your body can handle and help recognize again when you breathe it in so you don’t have as strong of a reaction (kind of like a natural vaccine!). I asked my doctor about this one a couple of years ago and she confirmed that this is no old wives’ tale – it really does help! Take a look at the label and see where your honey comes from – there are local beekeepers all over our area, so why not support a local business and do something good for your health at the same time? I drink mine in tea daily, and it really does help.

Second, consider changing your shower routine. If you shower right after you get home or come in from outdoors, you won’t be carrying the pollen or other triggers around your house with you. Talk about washing away the cares of the day! Even a change to showering before bed instead of first thing in the morning will help get rid of the outdoor pollen and let you sleep better.


Third, schedule a duct cleaning appointment. The last thing you need after spending all day battling outdoor allergies is to breathe in dirty air at home. Between duct cleanings, set a reminder to check and change your filter monthly. Consider a HEPA or specialty allergy filter to help keep your lungs happy.

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