The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Lights


One of the best parts of Christmas (in our opinion, at least) is the glow of Christmas lights on front porches, roofs, trees, and more. If you plan on hanging Christmas lights on or around your home this year, just remember these safety tips from our heating and cooling company:

Extension Cords

Do: Inspect your extension cords to make sure there is no damage.

Do: Use extension cords that are approved for outdoor use (if hanging your lights outside).

Don’t: Use extension cords that show signs of extreme wear such as frayed wires, split casing, or loose prongs.

Don’t: Use extension cords that are too short for your project. Buy one that’s the appropriate length.


Do: Plug your Christmas lights into outlets that are grounded (ones that have three holes instead of just two).

Do: Use outlets that have GFCI receptacles. These are the outlets that have black and red “Reset” and “Test” buttons on them.

Don’t: Overload your breakers. Instead, use surge protectors if plugging in several strands of lights.

Do: Call Oliver if you experience any electrical issue that you can’t resolve yourself.


Do: Opt for LED light bulbs. They’re a little more expensive, but they use less energy and can save you more than 75% on your holiday energy bill.

Do: Make sure that if you’re hanging your lights outside that they’re labeled safe for outdoor use.

Don’t: Hang your lights without first checking that they’re working correctly and that they’re free from damage. Inspect them and plug them in first to make sure they’re good to go.


Do: Consider using electrical tape or insulated clips to hang your outdoor lights instead of nails and a hammer (which can damage your home).

Don’t: Hang outdoor lights in high places without supervision.

Do: Measure how many feet you want to cover with lights, then buy an extra strand of bulbs – it’s better to have too many than not enough.

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