Why You Should Schedule a HVAC Tune-Up

Fall is the season where you take a break from using your air conditioning and it’s not quite cold enough to turn on your heat. For a few weeks, your HVAC system can enjoy a break from being used and during this break, we recommend setting up an HVAC tune-up appointment.

Recently, our HVAC company was featured in a 6abc Action News article. Here’s why fall HVAC tune-ups are important:

“When it comes to your heating and air conditioning system, are tune-ups worthwhile? Sometimes we all fall into the “out of sight/out of mind” trap, but did you know that could be costly and dangerous when it comes to your HVAC system?

The average HVAC unit runs approximately 2000 hours a year and should be regularly maintained to ensure you are getting the most out of your HVAC system. By properly maintaining the HVAC system in your home, you make sure your home is safe and extend the longevity of your heating and cooling system.

When neglected, your HVAC system can cost you more money out of pocket by being less efficient, resulting in wasted energy, shortened equipment life, and untimely, expensive breakdowns. With regular tune-ups and filter changes, your system will have fewer service problems, and you’ll benefit from lower energy bills. Your system will be safer for you and your family, and you will help keep your manufacturer warranty valid.

All Tune-Ups Aren’t Created Equally

Some contractors offer inspections but do not perform much work beyond that. Other companies like Oliver, do testing, inspecting, and cleaning of the system. In Oliver’s case, technicians make adjustments to certain components to ensure optimal efficiency.

Oliver has used trust as the cornerstone of its business and after hearing satisfied customers sing praises, it’s easy to see why the company comes so highly recommended.

“18 years of honest, efficient, professional service. Thanks! ” – Ms. Cypressi, West Grove

“Oliver responded promptly during frigid weather. Their staff was a pleasure to work with – very professional.” – Mr. Cona, West Chester

You can maintain your system with the help of the certified technicians at Oliver Heating & Cooling. We offer a cost-effective maintenance plan to keep your units running in tip-top shape.

You can also help keep your system running efficiently between tune-ups by following these simple tips:

  • Install new filters at regular intervals – about every 1-3 months
  • Inspect your weather-stripping to check for drafts that may make your heating and cooling system work harder than necessary
  • Open your vents to help ensure maximum efficiency

For more information or to schedule your appointment, call 1-800-522-4884 or visit today!”