When Your HOA Affects Your HVAC Requirements

HOA HVAC Requirements

When your HVAC system needs to be replaced, it may not be as simple as installing a new system if you live in an HOA community. Your HOA may have requirements for the type of unit you use, the size of the unit, the placement of exterior units, or the maximum decibel rating it can have when operating. When your HOA affects your HVAC requirements, working with a professional company that can meet these demands will be essential.

Different Types of HOA HVAC Requirements

If your HOA HVAC requirements state that you have to meet a size and noise level for your air conditioning unit, you may benefit most from replacing your unit with a heat pump or a ductless split system for your home.

These two systems are smaller than your standard HVAC unit and run much quieter. Your average heat pump system runs at about 58 decibels, equivalent to a regular conversation between two people.

As a benefit, heat pump systems are much more energy efficient, cost less to run, and now have a federal rebate on them because of their environmental benefits. Some split systems also meet the requirements for a $2,000 rebate when installing a new system.

If your HOA HVAC requirements are based on a multi-unit system being replaced, the biggest factor homeowners will face is the cost-splitting for the unit. The HOA will most likely require all homeowners that share the unit to split the cost of replacements.

When You Need to Comply With Your HOA – Call Oliver Heating and Cooling

Oliver Heating and Cooling have been providing HVAC services to homeowners in the Delaware Valley area for many years. We understand what our clients need, and we can provide you with the right HVAC equipment for your home. If you need to comply with HOA regulations, no problem. Oliver has worked with many homeowners in various HOAs, and we always get the job done right. If you need to replace or upgrade your HVAC system, call Oliver today to schedule a free estimate. We are positive that you will love our prices as much as our quality service.

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