Why a Humidifier Is Beneficial in Cold Weather

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Winter is in full force and to help combat its effects, our heating and cooling contractors suggest investing in a humidifier for your home.  A humidifier can not only improve your overall comfort, but it can also:

Cure dry skin.

Does it ever seem that no matter how many times you moisturize your skin, it just won’t stay moisturized? That’s all thanks to the dry, cold temperatures of winter. With a humidifier, however, the air in your home will stay moist and your skin won’t dry out as easily (which includes those chapped lips).

Make you feel warmer.

When there is moisture in the air, it feels warmer to your body (which is why a humid summer day feels much hotter than a dry summer day). By investing in a humidifier, you’ll not only feel warmer, but you’ll save money on your energy bills because you won’t have to use or turn up your heat as much.

Stop snoring.

Even though snoring is caused by obstructed airways, a humidifier can help moisturize those airways and the overall respiratory system to lessen the loudness and intensity of your snoring.

Prevent and shorten illnesses.

The small hairs in your nose are meant to trap harmful viruses and bacteria so that you don’t get sick. When the air you breathe is dry, the hairs in your nose can’t produce mucous and as a result, they won’t be able to trap particles. Adding moisture to the air can not only prevent you from becoming ill, but it can also shorten the length of your illness by soothing your symptoms.

Control static electricity.

You know it’s winter again when all of your clothes start sticking together or nearly everything you touch gives you a jolt. The drier the environment, the more chance for static electricity; invest in a humidifier and you won’t see as much of it.

Reduce sinus/asthma discomfort.

Aching sinuses, allergies, and asthma can be aggravating – especially in the winter. Add moisture to your air, however, and you’ll notice that your discomfort will be greatly reduced.

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