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When to Replace Your Commercial HVAC System

Commercial HVAC Repair

Like home HVAC systems, commercial HVAC systems are important to the comfort of those inside the building, however, there are usually many more people to please. That’s why it’s important to know when you should replace your commercial HVAC system – you don’t want your students, employees, volunteers, etc. to have to work in an uncomfortable environment.

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Why OMS Is Great for Office Buildings

Get the Best

For more than 40 years, Oliver Mechanical Services has been offering HVAC and electrical services to the area’s office buildings to help make sure they run smoothly. We offer professional, factory-trained technicians and the latest materials and technologies to take care of all of your installation, repair, and maintenance needs.

Employee Production

When you run a business, one of the most important things you should do is keep your employees happy. When you have happy employees, you have hardworking employees, and much of the time that happiness comes from a comfortable work environment. After all – it’s hard to work well in a place that’s constantly too hot or too cold.

At Oliver Mechanical Services, we can make sure that your office environment is the right temperature all year round. We offer high-quality, energy-efficient HVAC systems that are designed to meet the needs of any size office building. With a new installation, we can help you save money on your monthly or quarterly energy bill and if your current system is in need of a repair, we can fix it quickly to get you back on track. We even offer custom-made ductwork that can help your HVAC system run at optimal efficiency.

Don’t let an old or inefficient HVAC system ruin your office building’s comfortability and hinder your employee work production. Contact us today to get things back to working well.

Electrical Issues

Office buildings have lots of different electrical needs, from telephone wiring services to computer hookups and more. If you’re in need of an electrical service, let our professionals take care of it. We can address virtually any electrical issue you may have – even if it’s as simple as a retro-fit lighting installation for your lobby, parking lot, cafeteria, or bathroom. We’ll take care of it quickly.

Is Your Business Running Efficiently?


As an employer, you want your employees to do their best every day of the week, because if they’re efficient, your business is efficient. Have you ever thought about your HVAC system, though? An efficient HVAC system not only means less energy that your business consumes, but it also means lower overall costs. When it comes to HVAC, you should have the same efficiency expectations for it as you do your employees.

Unlike a home HVAC system, a commercial HVAC system is extensive and requires specific knowledge, which is why at Oliver, you can trust us to make sure your HVAC system is running at its peak efficiency. Our commercial HVAC experts are professionally trained and will inspect its many workings to ensure that you’re getting the most from your system. We can help you not only streamline your comfort, but also streamline your operating expenses so that you can focus on your company’s profits.

We know what to look for and what to do to maximize efficiency. For example: did you know that upgrading your HVAC equipment from an 8 SEER rating to a 12 SEER rating can reduce your energy consumption by about 30%? Or that the best kind of thermostat is a programmable thermostat that automatically turns off your heat or air conditioning when no one is in the building? We want to help you save as much energy as possible to reduce both your carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills.

We can also inspect your air duct system to make sure the distribution of your heat or air conditioning is correct. If your duct system is off balance, it could overwork your HVAC system as well as make your employees uncomfortable (and when employees are uncomfortable, they’re not as productive). We’ll balance your system so that your airflow is accurate and everything runs smoothly.

As you may have noticed, there are many details in a commercial HVAC system that need to be addressed in order to ensure its efficiency. If you’d like our experts to inspect yours, give us a call today and set up an appointment.

Workplace Air Conditioning: Men vs. Women


This summer, you’ve probably heard at least one person talk about how cold it is in their workplace, but did you know that air conditioning actually affects men and women differently? According to a study in the Nature Climate Change journal, many office buildings adjust their thermostat temperatures based on a male’s metabolism.

But why?

Well back in the 1960s, the majority of the workforce in office buildings was made up of men, so employers were encouraged to choose their office temperature based on the comfort of a middle-aged man who weighed around 150 pounds. This ensured that bulk of the employees were happy and productive.

On average, male bodies have higher metabolic rates than female bodies, which means they burn energy faster and need cooler temperatures in order to stay comfortable. In fact, men prefer a home temperature of around 72 degrees while women prefer a home temperature of around 77 degrees. This means that women in the workforce (and there are many more these days) now have to deal with too much air conditioning.

So what temperature should office buildings opt for? Many think that a cold workplace means employees will stay awake and be more focused, but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Studies have shown that when you’re cold, you’re actually less productive and more likely to make mistakes. With this in mind, employers may benefit more from a warmer thermostat instead of a colder one and in return, they’ll be able to save money on their energy bill.

The same idea goes for homeowners – if you want to lower your energy bill and be more productive, turn your thermostat up a few degrees. Since males prefer about 72 degrees and females prefer about 77, try keeping the thermostat at 74 or 75 degrees.

Why Oliver Is Different Than Other Contractors

HVAC service company

At Oliver Heating & Cooling, we take pride in being different than other contractors. For more than 40 years, we’ve been one of the most trusted names in the area and we plan on keeping it that way. Find out what our HVAC service company has to offer.

A Unique History

At Oliver, our company didn’t start like most others. In fact, we have a very unique story behind our founding, and it has to do with a church prayer meeting. When Joe Oliver was downsized from Boeing Helicopter Division toward the end of the Vietnam War, he was left unemployed and needed to find a way to support his wife and six sons.

After he shared his concerns with his church prayer group, one member suggested he open an HVAC business. Even though Joe had no experience in HVAC, he decided to follow the suggestion and opened Oliver Heating & Cooling in 1971. Joe was dedicated to the industry and attended night classes and worked 14-hour days. The hard work paid off and years later, Oliver is the successful business that it is today.

Extensive Training

Our HVAC business knows how important training is, and that’s why each and every one of our contractors goes through an extensive program to earn their NATE Certification (the highest certification in the industry). This ensures that their workmanship is both professional and trustworthy. In addition, our employees must complete our Character-First Program that teaches them how to build a culture of integrity, resolve conflict, encourage employee morale, and more.

Our Hires

At Oliver, we don’t just hire anyone with a background in HVAC or plumbing. We carefully select each of our employees based on personality, experience, and background. We perform thorough background checks and drug screenings on every applicant and make sure they have the right qualities to fit our high standards. You know when you call Oliver, you’ll get friendly, reliable service.

The Latest Equipment

As technology gets more innovative, so does the need for the latest equipment. Our company trucks and vans are always fully stocked with the tools needed to get nearly any job done. Whether it’s a simple repair or an entire replacement, we’re always ready to help.

Customer Satisfaction

Since we opened our doors in 1971, we’ve been satisfying homeowners and business professionals throughout the Delaware Valley and beyond. Our customers, both old and new, count on us for a variety of services and we’re happy to help with the most professional and affordable options. Our expertise and friendly attitudes are what keep people coming back of years on end.

Employee Benefits

At Oliver, our employees are an incredibly important aspect of our business, so we make sure to treat them right. We offer 100% medical coverage, a 401k program, workman’s compensation insurance, life insurance, and more. After all, happy employees mean a better business.

We’d love to show you exactly what makes us different from other contractors, so whether you have a small problem or a big issue, give us a call today. We’d be happy to help.

5 Ways to Keep Your Air Conditioner Safe from Thieves

air conditioner

In the past few weeks, there have been several cases of air conditioner thefts throughout Pennsylvania, which just goes to show that there are many businesses and homeowners who don’t do enough to protect their A/C units. Many times, thieves are interested in stealing the copper coils from your unit in order to sell them, but sometimes they’re interested in the entire unit.

Here are some things from our air conditioning repair specialists that you can do to prevent your air conditioner from being stolen:

A Locked Disconnect Box

In order to steal an air conditioning unit, a thief will have to disconnect the power before they haul it away. The power is usually located a few feet from the air conditioner inside a “disconnect box,” and depending on the style of the box, it can be locked using a padlock. By locking the box, you’ll discourage the thief from trying to turn off the power and (hopefully) drive him/her away from the unit.

A Motion-Sensor Light

Most robberies take place at night, and an air conditioner robbery is no different. The dark gives the culprit more coverage and makes them harder to see. With a motion-sensor light, however, a culprit can be caught in his tracks and will most likely be scared away by the sudden brightness.

An Air Conditioner Cage

If you’re looking for something built strategically to prevent air conditioner thefts, look for an air conditioner cage. These steel cages can be installed over top of your unit and work well because they’re not only fastened to a slab of concrete (to prevent whole unit theft), but they also come with mesh walls to prevent a culprit’s hand from reaching into the unit and stealing the copper coils.

Security Cameras

What better way to catch your air conditioner thief than with proof from a camera? Install a few around your property so that if a robbery does occur, you’ll know who was responsible. You can also combine security cameras with motion-sensor lights to get an even better idea of the thief and what happened.

An Alarm

In addition to steel cages, there are also air conditioner alarms that are made specifically to prevent air conditioner thefts. These alarms will sound when an air conditioner is being disconnected or when it’s being moved, and the sound is usually enough to scare away a thief.

Polar Bear Mechanical Services is a Division of Oliver

Polar Bear Mechanical Services
Polar Bear Mechanical Services, based in Cape May Court House, NJ is a division of Oliver Heating & Cooling as part of an acquisition on Friday, November 23rd, 2012. This acquisition represents the merger of two providers with a significant amount of experience, and an expansion of Oliver services into southern New Jersey.

Polar Bear Mechanical Services LogoPolar Bear Mechanical Services, established by Joe Cicero in 1970, will retain its field and office staff and its current location in Cape May Court House. Cicero will remain at the helm of this operation as General Manager for Polar Bear Services. He assures Polar Bear customers that they will receive the same high-quality service that Polar Bear has previously provided them, with the additional benefits of becoming associated with the larger Oliver company. “We’re all very excited here at Polar Bear to begin this partnership with Oliver,” says Cicero. “Our customers can expect to receive the same great service from our Polar Bear team that we have always provided, and we are excited about the new opportunities we can bring to this area through our partnership with Oliver.”

Rocco Pace, President of Oliver, echoed Cicero’s excitement about the opportunities presented through this acquisition. “Joe and his staff are highly regarded by their customers, and we are looking forward to continuing those relationships. We hope that the support the Oliver team can provide will strengthen the Polar Bear brand in South Jersey and we are excited to begin this new chapter with Joe and his team. In addition, many of our current Oliver customers have asked us over the years to provide service to their homes at the shore, and we are delighted to now be able to accommodate these requests through our new relationship with Polar Bear Mechanical.”

Polar Bear Mechanical Services provides residential and commercial heating and cooling services from Cape May through Atlantic City in southern New Jersey. They enjoy an excellent reputation as a high quality contractor.

Oliver furnishes, installs, and services most types of heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets throughout Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania; New Castle County in Delaware; and Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties in New Jersey.

The catch is, there is no catch.

Over the past two days, I had the opportunity to meet the winners of our Oldest Water Heater Contest, and it was a really great experience! Both couples turned out to be really nice people, and were good sports about me being there to take some pictures to share with our readers.

Mr. & Mrs. Scott of Aston

Mr. & Mrs. Scott of Aston were the official winners, with a 23-year old water heater.

I’m going to backtrack a little here – I know a lot of people (including the winners!) were pretty confused at how we ended up with not one, but two, grand prizes to award. When we sorted through the contest entries here in the office and tallied up the age of the water heaters, not everyone on the team was aware that some manufacturers use a 20-year date code cycle. So, for example, a water heater with a serial number of AC12345 could either be from March of 1984 or March of 2004. And this led us into a situation where the customer correctly reported their information to us, and it checked out as a valid serial number which was the oldest of the entries we received. Of course, as soon as our plumbing team saw the water heater, they discovered the mistake. Rob, our plumbing manager, made the decision on the spot to award a second prize so that we could both keep our commitment to the Seminole’s and also to the family with the actual oldest water heater, the Scott’s.

Mr. & Mrs. Seminole

Mr. & Mrs. Seminole were the “bonus” winners!

Which brings me to something that really caught my attention as we arrived for the installations. After the initial “Oh wow, I never win anything, I still can’t believe this is happening!” they asked how much the installation of their free water heater would cost. It took a few minutes for both Bernie, our VP of Sales and Marketing, and Rob to really bring home the fact that free is free and there wouldn’t be a charge for any of the work. It got me thinking that we’ve all become conditioned to The Catch. We’ve all had that moment of elation where you think you’re getting a great deal, only to be let down when you find out about all the hoops you need to jump through or that it’s a “deal with major purchase only”.

Sometimes, though, the catch is that there is no catch – it really is a free water heater (or two!). So I want to thank Rob and his plumbing team for sponsoring this contest, our friends at Rheem and US Supply for supplying the prizes, all of our customers who entered, and especially the winners for letting us stop by and take some pictures to share with everyone. Being a part of that was a pretty great way to end my week!

Joe the Plumber brings the water heater in for installation

Plumbing manager Rob Wagner, right, and Plumber Joe McLaughlin prepare to install the water heater for Mrs. Scott

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PS – Check out more pictures from our contest winners’ installations on our Facebook page!

“Never Feed Your Cat Anything That Clashes With The Carpet.”

I’ve got two cats, Roxie & Velma.  They’re my little buddies, but I get the definite impression that their day goes something like this when my husband and I aren’t home:

Any pet lover knows that the little guys are lovable but messy members of the family. We can spend a whole day cleaning the house, and when we turn around at the end, Roxie will probably be sitting there next to the upside-down food dish with an oh-so-innocent look on her face. Even better, we’ve only tackled the dirt and dust that we can see. 

What about the stuff that finds its way into the ductwork? And not just pet dander. We’re talking about dirt, dust, pollen, fungi, bacteria, mold, pretty much everything you can sum up with the word “YUCK.” How do you get that cleaned up?

Well, you call someone like Oliver, who uses a HEPA-AIRE contaminant removal system to clean the ducts. This is something that should be done regularly, whether you have pets or not. It can help family members who have allergies or asthma, and creates a healthier atmosphere for everyone. It’s a good idea for anyone with lungs to at least find out more about professional duct cleaning and what it could do for your home. Give us a call at 800-522-4884, we’ll be happy to give you a free estimate!

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Where We Came From: David & Goliath (Guest blogger: Joe Oliver)

Back in 1996 Oliver Heating & Cooling had about 55 employees.  The number of residential contracts had increased but we faced a new challenge.  Delmarva Power & Light, the large utility company to our south, formed Conectiv, a services and contracting business, and began buying up HVAC companies.  They purchased 22 companies in our area, including competitors bigger than Oliver like the Haley Company and John Cameron & Sons.  Delmarva also wanted to buy us. 

I had no intention of selling because the Lord had started our company, but I felt that I should present the option to our associates just to see how they felt about it.  We called a company meeting.  Using an overhead projector, I displayed a picture of David and Goliath.  Explaining the situation I said, “We can do one of two things.  We can sell and join the utility giant or remain, by default, the largest independent HVAC company in our area.”  Unanimously, everyone expressed interest in remaining independent.  Bill McVean approached me after the meeting and said, “We can do it.  Let’s just stick together.  We can take them!”  Such confidence from a young up-and-coming technician was uplifting to me. 

As you know, Bill’s comment was prophetic – in a couple of years the utility called us and asked us to stop hiring their skilled people who were applying to Oliver.  I thought the huge company was joking – but they told me that they were serious – we really were a threat to them.  Eventually, the utility sold all the companies that they had purchased.  Today Bill is the manager of our much larger and still growing Residential Service Department.  If we continue to work together as a team and exceed our customer expectations, we need not fear the future.

 – Joe Oliver, Founder & Chairman Emeritus of Oliver Heating & Cooling