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A Leafblower & A “Near Miss”

The Oliver Safety Committee recently sponsored a “Near Miss” safety contest for all employees to share stories about disaster averted on and off the job. And although it’s kind of embarrassing to say – I won. Here’s the story:

“I was visiting my mom and dad awhile back, and my mom and I were sitting at the table having a cup of tea when I see my dad walk by with his gas-powered leaf blower. Not seen through the window, mind you, but through the living room. He heads down in the basement and shuts the door. I glance outside and see the Bilco doors to the basement are also closed. So I jumped up and yelled down to find out what the heck he thought he was doing?!

He said he was going to clean out the central vac line and had shut all the doors and windows “so the noise wouldn’t disturb us upstairs”. I pointed out that him dropping dead of carbon monoxide poisoning would probably disturb us a little bit more than the noise! We couldn’t talk him out of the leaf blower experiment (which, unfortunately for the future, worked) but I at least managed to run around and open up EVERY door and window before he killed himself. The best part? He remembered to wear his safety goggles.”

When I told my dad I won with this story, he was very anxious to know whether I told everyone that the experiment worked.  (See Dad? I did!) Luckily, I think my mom and my little brother got the bigger point: OUTDOOR EQUIPMENT BELONGS OUTDOORS! Anything that burns fuel also produces carbon monoxide. And yes, that includes candles.

So when you’ve got the air running and the windows closed, be mindful of what else is in your home. Burn a candle, sure. Just don’t plan any fancy “flood the house with candlelight” situations. Other summer culprits of CO: camping equipment and generators. Do not use camping stoves indoors. Period. And if your power is out and you need to use a generator, do not put it in your garage or basement or any other enclosed area.

People are more aware of carbon monoxide in the winter, but it’s good to keep in mind that this is not a winter problem. Be safe, and keep the outdoor equipment where it belongs!

– Shanna

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Last week, we finished looking up all the entries in the water heater contest, and placed a phone call to the lady whose water heater came out on top to let her know that she won! She was SO excited, and so were we – our first contest was in the books and we got to make somebody’s day! So we filmed the short video that we released last week and scheduled a crew to go out and prep the water heater for replacement.

Maybe we got a little too excited, because when our crew arrived they discovered an error that originated in the office during the review of entries and skewed the age of the water heater and made it NOT, in fact, the oldest among the entries we received. In famous cartoon dog words: “Rut roe…”

Our Plumbing Manager, Rob, knew there was only one right thing to do. So we’re giving away TWO brand-new water heaters! Our originally announced winner will still receive the prize, and so will the owner of the actual oldest water heater (and yes, this time we sent someone out to double-check before making the announcement!).

So congratulations to the Seminole family of Springfield, and the Scott family of Aston on being the winners in our first Oldest Water Heater Contest! Thanks again to everyone who entered or was cheering on someone who did, we really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with so many of our customers and it turned out to be a great learning experience as well!

– Shanna

“A much more promising start to the week”

I hope you all had a great weekend filled with sunshine and shenanigans! Monday has arrived on its little cat feet once again, but I came across this gem that kind of makes me feel better about that: "Mon-day is French for my day"

Just a quick note today with an update on our Oldest Water Heater contest and to thank all of you who are participating!

The contest is heating up – people are taking advantage of entering through the app, by email, and over the phone, and our communities on Facebook and Twitter have been growing by leaps and bounds since we sent out the announcements. So a big warm welcome to all of you who have joined us recently and GOOD LUCK to everyone who entered the contest!

Until next time,


The Beast in your basement could be a winner!

IMPORTANT UPDATE 5/10/12 – Due to the number of people experiencing problems uploading their submissions, and in the interests of making the contest fair and open to everyone who is eligible, we will accept entries in three forms:


Exciting news today cats and kittens! We are about to launch our first ever Facebook contest, with over $2000 worth of prizes available!

We will have one Grand Prize of a brand new, fully installed residential water heater – that’s almost a $2000 value by itself! The winner will receive one water heater of the same size as their existing system which will be installed by our handy-dandy Oliver plumbers. For FREE.

Our Second Place Prize is pretty sweet too – four tickets to the Phillies/Braves game on July 6th (a Friday) at 7:05 pm. Tickets are in section 143, and if you want to check out where that puts you on the field, click here.

So what do you need to do to win one of these fabulous prizes? It’s super simple. We are looking for the oldest water heater in the Oliver service territory. If you’ve got it, you win the Grand Prize. Just snap a picture of the rating plate on your water heater and fill out the contest entry form before June 1st. Make sure we can clearly see the model and serial number in your picture!

The Phillies tickets will be a random drawing among all the entrants AND everyone who shares the link to the contest once it’s open. So if you enter the contest, and share the link, you get two chances at the tickets. And if you’re an Oliver employee and share the contest with your friends and family, we’ll put you into a separate drawing for two Phillies tickets at the same game, also in the 100 level.

So get your cameras out and your rally towels ready, and keep your eyes peeled for the official start of the Oldest Water Heater in the Delaware Valley contest!

Official Rules:

  1. You must live within the Oliver service territory to win either prize. We service Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Counties in Pennsylvania; New Castle County in Delaware; and Atlantic, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties in New Jersey.
  2. Grand Prize winner will be determined by the age of the water heater, based on manufacturers’ model and serial number information. In the event of a tie, winner will be chosen randomly from the two or more water heaters of the same age.
  3. Oliver employees and their immediate families are not eligible for the Grand or Second Place Prizes.