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Signs That You May Need a Heat Pump Service or Tune Up

Heat Pump Service

We all enjoy being comfortable in our own home. After all, that’s what home is for. Home is the center of our family life, where we get to relax and spend quality time with the ones who matter most to us. While we’re busy kicking back and entertaining ourselves, our heat pump services us. It’s hard at work keeping us cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and saving us money.
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Using Technology to Serve You Better

At Oliver, we take pride in the training that our HVAC service technicians receive. We hold regular safety and training meetings where the field personnel learn about the latest heating, cooling, plumbing, or electrical technology and how to apply their knowledge in our customers’ homes. Our leadership team of lead and senior technicians are a fantastic resource, and always willing to share their experiences for the group to learn from.

Technician explains service ticket using tablet

Malik, a Residential Service Technician, finishes up his service calls with a tablet-enhanced recap of work done, which the customer can then sign right on the tablet and send to our paperless invoicing system.

Always being on the lookout for ways to improve our performance and serve our customers better also puts us on the leading edge of many technological developments in the industry. We were early adopters of GPS technology for our fleet, and have recently made another big change to our methods of delivering great service. All of our field technicians now carry tablets, which streamlines their communication with the office and also puts a wealth of information at our customers’ fingertips – literally!

What information would you like to see our technicians be able to share with you through their tablets? Leave a comment and let us know!


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