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The best safety system in the world? CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

My fellow Harry Potter fans will recognize the phrase “CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” as roared by Alistair Moody – and even though we can’t all grow up to be Aurors, it’s still a good reminder that the best safety systems in the world are no good if they aren’t backed up by good old-fashioned, common sense!

Safety Sean recently brought this handout to the attention of all Oliver employees: Safety Moment

For anyone having trouble viewing the document, it’s a safety bulletin distributed by a fellow service contractor tht features a picture of a toddler who got stuck in the wheel well of the contractor’s van. Thankfully, this company requires employees to do a safety “walk-around” of their vehicles and the little boy was discovered and rescued unharmed.

It’s important to remember that even with all the safety developments that have come about, especially in newer vehicles, they should be treated as a backup system to good old-fashioned common sense. Be aware of your surroundings and the people who share them, especially curious young children (and animals!).

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The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Last week, we finished looking up all the entries in the water heater contest, and placed a phone call to the lady whose water heater came out on top to let her know that she won! She was SO excited, and so were we – our first contest was in the books and we got to make somebody’s day! So we filmed the short video that we released last week and scheduled a crew to go out and prep the water heater for replacement.

Maybe we got a little too excited, because when our crew arrived they discovered an error that originated in the office during the review of entries and skewed the age of the water heater and made it NOT, in fact, the oldest among the entries we received. In famous cartoon dog words: “Rut roe…”

Our Plumbing Manager, Rob, knew there was only one right thing to do. So we’re giving away TWO brand-new water heaters! Our originally announced winner will still receive the prize, and so will the owner of the actual oldest water heater (and yes, this time we sent someone out to double-check before making the announcement!).

So congratulations to the Seminole family of Springfield, and the Scott family of Aston on being the winners in our first Oldest Water Heater Contest! Thanks again to everyone who entered or was cheering on someone who did, we really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with so many of our customers and it turned out to be a great learning experience as well!

– Shanna

Congratulations Warren Newberry, winner of the 2012 Golden Rule Award!

Oliver Heating & Cooling is pleased to announce that Warren Newberry is the recipient of the 2012 Golden Rule award. The Morton, PA based company attributes its more than 40 years of successful service to the Delaware Valley to its founding principles and character-based approach to customer service and employee development. The Oliver family is guided by the Golden Rule, and honors one employee each year who best exemplifies the integrity, reliability, and quality workmanship that have characterized the Oliver company since 1971.

This year’s recipient, Warren Newberry, was chosen for his outstanding performance as a team leader in Oliver’s Mechanical division which serves commercial and industrial customers. Mark Crawford presented the award on behalf of the Oliver organization.  Crawford spoke of first meeting Newberry when he was fourteen years old and threw a snowball at Newberry’s service truck. This unlikely beginning resulted in an impromptu snowball fight (which Newberry won) and eventually Newberry became Crawford’s mentor in the commercial heating and air conditioning industry. Newberry continues to be a sought-after mentor within Oliver Mechanical, and has earned the respect of his many colleagues and customers for his expertise and dedication to producing solutions for even the most difficult mechanical systems. “Warren truly stands for all of the beliefs that Oliver is built on and it shows every day,” says Crawford.

Newberry’s wife, Susan, was present during the award ceremony honoring her husband. The couple has eight children, who know Newberry as a dedicated father, strong in his Christian faith and involved in their activities from sports to drama and music. Newberry has also been a member of the Warwick school board for 17 years. Oliver Heating & Cooling is proud to recognize Warren Newberry’s personal and professional accomplishments, and congratulates him on the receipt of this award.

Newberry accepts Golden Rule Award from Oliver executives.

(l to r) Joe Oliver, Warren Newberry, Sue Newberry, Rocco Pace Sr, Antoinette Coupe, Bernie Sweeney