What Size Generator Do I Need For My Home?

What Size Generator Do I Need For My Home

There’s almost nothing worse than dealing with a power outage. In a matter of moments, you lose the electricity that you and your family depend on. If an outage happens during summer or winter in the Delaware Valley, you might also be dealing with potentially dangerous temperatures. If you’re asking yourself “what size generator do I need for my home?”, the experts at Oliver are here to help. After our pros size and install your new generator, you won’t have to worry about injuries or damage to your home during a power outage.

Choosing the Perfect Generator

When it’s time to choose a generator for your home, you’ll need to make a few determinations. Don’t worry; we’re here to help you every step of the way. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right size generator for your home.

Selecting the Right Size Generator

Portable generators typically vary in size from 20-40 inches in length and 15-25 inches in width. Whole-home generators are about the size of a typical outdoor HVAC unit. When choosing a generator size, it’s more helpful to determine how many watts of power you’ll need. With that said, some items require more wattage than others to power.

Here’s a closer look at how much power common household appliances require:

  • Electric oven – 5,000 watts
  • Furnace – 5,000 to 25,000 watts
  • Water heater – 3,500 to 4,500 watts
  • HVAC unit – 2,000 to 4,000 watts
  • Computer – 500 to 2,000 watts
  • Refrigerator – 600 to 800 watts
  • Television – 100 to 350 watts
  • Table lamp – 100 to 150 watts
  • Sump pump – 100 to 150 watts

Do You Need a Whole-Home or Portable Generator?

If your wattage requirements are 7,500 watts or less, choose a portable generator. Portable generators are best for someone who lives by themselves or a household that doesn’t require a lot of power.

For households needing more than 10,000 watts of power, consider a whole home generator. These generators are best for multi-person households or someone who needs to power more than a few items.

Do You Need a Whole-Home or Portable GeneratorPortable generators are smaller than their whole home counterparts. They also typically cost less than whole-home generators. If you want to power a few things in your home like your refrigerator, computer, and a couple of lights, a portable generator would probably be your best solution.

Whole-home generators are not meant to be portable. When you contact Oliver for a whole home generator installation, our experts promptly set this item up at a specified location outside of your home. They’re the most convenient choice as they will automatically start up in the event of a power outage.

We understand if this all sounds a bit complicated. Finding a generator on your own is often a time-consuming process. Fortunately, there is a simpler solution.

Let Oliver’s Experts Save You Time

Before the next power outage wreaks havoc in your home, reach out to Oliver Heating & Cooling. Our company has been helping homeowners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with their heating, cooling, and electrical needs since 1971. We carry a range of liquid propane generators, natural gas generators, and gas-powered portable generators.

Contact us today to have an Oliver expert recommend and set up a brand-new portable or whole-home generator for you. After contacting us, we’ll proudly provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation generator recommendation. We also offer annual and semi-annual generator maintenance plans.

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