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How to Check the Freon In a Home Air Conditioner

If your home’s air conditioning isn’t as cold as it used to be or if it’s not cold at all, you may have a refrigerant (freon) leak. There are several other potential problems that could be causing the lack of cold air so you will want to eliminate as many of those as issues as possible. Keep in mind that it is always best to have a licensed HVAC technician test your air conditioning refrigerant levels and recharge your system if needed. The heating and cooling professionals at Oliver even offer an annual maintenance plan to help PA, NJ and DE residents catch issues before they start. The guide below explains how to check the freon in a home air conditioner.

Tools You’ll Need How to Check the Freon In a Home Air Conditioner

  • Gloves
  • Spray bottle with dish soap
  • Thermometer

Instruction for How to Check the Freon In a Home Air Conditioner

  1. Look for visible leaks or frozen lines around the air conditioning unit.
  2. Listen for hissing close to the unit. If there is a leak, you may hear a hissing or bubbling sound.
  3. Perform a soap test on the lines and any other areas where you may suspect a leak.
    1. Mix 1 part dish soap and 4 parts water in a spray bottle.
    2. Soak the lines generously and wait and see if bubbles develop.
  4. Once the leak is located the only way to repair it is to drain the freon from the system, patch the leak, refill/recharge the system and verify your fix worked.
    1. This process should only be performed by a licensed professional.

The Air Conditioning Pros at Oliver are Here to Help

Stay cool in the warmer months by making sure your air conditioner is working properly before the first heat wave. The only true way to know if your air conditioning unit needs to be recharged is to use professional gauges. So if you’re still unsure what the issue is after learning how to check the freon in a home air conditioner, contact the experts at Oliver Heating & Cooling.

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