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How to Refill an R22 Air Conditioner

There may come a time when your air conditioner needs to be recharged. If you have an older air conditioner, your system may still use R22 as a refrigerant. As of Jan 1 2020, R22 refrigerant has been completely phased out worldwide due to its harmful effects on the ozone layer. It is no longer being produced. If you’re interested in learning how to refill R22 in your air conditioner, it is important to know that this is not something a homeowner can do on their own. Due to complexity, safety concerns, training and licensing required we do not recommend doing this without having a trained professional onsite. Luckily the professionals at Oliver Heating & Cooling have been providing expert air conditioning services to homeowners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware for over 50 years. You can count on our expert HVAC technicians to help. Reach out today for an estimate.

Tools and Materials How to Refill R22 Air Conditioner

  • R22 Manifold Gauge
  • R22 Refrigerant
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Thermometer

These Are the Typical Steps a Trained Technician Follows

*R22 (freon) is no longer being produced – Please consult our HVAC professionals.

  1. Turn off air conditioner and set the thermostat to its coolest setting.
  2. On the pipes that enter the outside unit, remove the R22 refrigerant valve caps.
  3. Connect R22 manifold gauge left-hand hose onto the large pipe valve.
  4. Connect R22 manifold gauge right-hand hose onto the small pipe valve.
  5. Purge the air from the manifold hoses by opening each handle for a second.
  6. Connect R22 manifold gauge middle hose onto R22 refrigerant container.
  7. Flip R22 container upright and open the valve.
  8. Watch left and right gauges to see when pressure equalizes.
  9. Left-hand gauge should read below 60psi. Open left-hand gauge handle briefly to drop pressure.
    1. Allow system to run for 3-5 minutes.
  10. Use thermometer 6 inches from valve on large pipe to determine the super-heat.
  11. Compare the temperature to left-hand gauge pressure and check pressure/temperature (P/T) chart. Review Manufacturer recommendations.
    1. If super-heat is 20+ degrees above P/T chart reading, add more R22 until it is between 8 and 18 degrees.
    2. A super-heat of 12 degrees is often optimal (70psi at 85 degrees)
    3. Below 7 degrees super-heat indicates an overcharge.
  12. Close R22 container valve, disconnect hoses and replace valve caps.

Contact Oliver for Your R22 Air Conditioner Recharge

If you have an older air conditioning system that is low on refrigerant, recharging it is not a simple process. Because there is no more production of R22 and it is illegal to import, you will need to speak with a professional about how to refill an R22 air conditioner. The air conditioning pros at Oliver are well-versed in all types of air conditioners, new and old. Our technicians can either convert your current system so that it can use an acceptable refrigerant, or we can install a new air conditioner for years of worry-free operation. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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