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How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioners are incredible machines that cool your home on demand and generally turn off and on without an issue. When an air conditioner will not turn on or only blows warm air, you can try resetting it. Learning how to reset your air conditioning unit will take a couple minutes. The process could restore the cooling function. Resetting your A/C is definitely worth a try because it might mean the difference between being hot or being comfortable. If you live in the Delaware Valley or at the Jersey Shore and you’re still having issues with your system, contact the HVAC technicians at Oliver for help. We’ve been the most trusted air conditioning company in the area for over 50 years.

Things You’ll Need How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit

You don’t need any special tools to reset your air conditioner. You can get the job done with:

  • Timer (the timer app on your smartphone is fine)
  • Flashlight

Why Would My Air Conditioner Need Resetting?

If you had a recent power outage, the circuit breaker for the A/C might have cut power to the unit. The breaker trips or interrupts power flow when electricity fluctuations threaten the system.

An electronic error at the thermostat might also be to blame. Even though you set the thermostat on cool, the instruction is not being sent properly to the air conditioning system.

How to Reset Your Air Conditioning Unit Step By Step

  1. Deactivate the heating and cooling system by turning the thermostat OFF.
  2. Go outside to where the air conditioning condenser unit is located.
  3. A power supply box with an ON/OFF switch will be on the wall of the house next to the condenser.
  4. Shut the air conditioner condenser OFF.
  5. Locate your home’s circuit breaker box. This will be in your basement, utility room, crawl space, or a closet.
  6. Make sure that you have your timer and flashlight.
  7. Find the circuit that controls power to the air conditioning system.
  8. Shut off the circuit.
  9. Start your timer for 60 seconds and wait.
  10. After 60 seconds, switch the breaker back on.
  11. Go outside and restore the power supply to the condenser.
  12. Now set the thermostat to COOL and select your desired temperature.
  13. The air conditioner should start running.
  14. Wait a while to see if it is cooling your home.
  15. If the system does not reduce the interior temperature, you need to contact an air conditioning repair company.

Schedule Your Air Conditioner Repair Today

Resetting your air conditioner is a quick fix that you can do to get past a hiccup with the electronics. However, this is not something that should be happening except on rare occasions. If you keep having this problem, you should have your system examined by professionals. The Oliver team is made up of highly trained technicians all of whom are NATE certified. We work hard to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Many air conditioning problems can be resolved in a single visit. Contact us about your air conditioning repair today.

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