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Thing You Can Do to Prevent a Heat Pump From Freezing Up

Several issues can cause your heat pump to freeze up. This condition generally occurs when outdoor temperatures are very low. Condensation on the outdoor coil freezes instead of evaporating. The coating of ice halts the equipment’s ability to function. Damage will ultimately result unless you know how to stop a heat pump from freezing up.

In addition to low temperatures, a freeze up could happen when airflow is blocked around the outdoor unit. A pile of leaves, deep snow, or thick vegetation could impede airflow to the point of failure. Excessive amounts of water touching the coil can also interfere with normal evaporation. As a homeowner, you can do some troubleshooting to see what the problem is. If you’re uncertain about the cause, Oliver can send a heat pump technician to your home. We service Pennsylvania, New Jersey and parts of Delaware. Our well-trained HVAC professionals repair and install heat pumps quickly and affordably. Contact us today for an estimate!

Tools You’ll Need

  • Broom
  • Rake
  • Shovel
  • Screwdriver

How to Stop a Heat Pump From Freezing Up Steps

  1. Check for leaking gutters above the heat pump. Overflowing water can keep the external coil so wet that it freezes over.
  2. If overflowing gutters appear to be the problem, clean or repair them.
  3. Make sure that a 3-foot diameter of clear space surrounds the outdoor condenser.
  4. Leaves, deep snow, thick shrubberies, or other blockages need to be removed.
  5. Rake, shovel, or sweep away debris as necessary to clear the area.
  6. If you’ve had cold weather but only light snow, still check for snow blockages. Strong winds could push powdery snow inside the unit and clog it up.
  7. Inspect the outdoor unit to see if it has sunk or become flooded. Shifting ground, deep puddles, or heavy snow melt can flood the unit.
  8. Dig a drainage channel to stop water from pooling around it.
  9. Contact a heat pump repair company like Oliver to reposition a condenser that has shifted.
  10. Learning how to stop a heat pump from freezing up could come down to changing the air filter. A dirty, badly clogged filter brings airflow to a crawl.
    1. Find the air filter in your return air duct or air handler. You might need a screwdriver to open the duct cover.
    2. Remove the old one and install a new one of the appropriate size.
    3. If you have a filter that requires cleaning set a schedule to clean as needed per manufacturer recommendations.
  11. A mechanical failure, especially with the defrosting mechanism, is frequently the cause of a freeze up.
  12. When troubleshooting obvious issues, like excess moisture or air blockages, fails to fix the problem, you need a professional inspection.
  13. A heat pump inspection from Oliver will reveal if you need a new part or thorough cleaning.

Trusted Heat Pump Maintenance From the Experts at Oliver

You lead a busy life and forgetting about your heat pump can be easy to do. At Oliver, our HVAC maintenance plan, also known as the Oliver Peace of Mind Membership, lets you put heat pump maintenance on autopilot. We’ll schedule seasonal maintenance at the appropriate time. We’ll clean and test your heat pump to ensure that it is operating smoothly and that the defrost mechanism is performing properly. Save yourself from the inconvenience of a frozen heat pump. Contact Oliver today for more information about our heat pump maintenance plan and rest easy knowing your system will operate efficiently all summer and winter long.

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