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How to Install a Blower Motor

A forced-air heating and cooling system relies on a blower motor to move the air. When the motor wears out, you can restore function by installing a new one. If you possess strong mechanical skills, you can successfully learn how to install a blower motor. When you do this, it is essential that you match the new blower motor’s specifications to the old motor. Your replacement motor needs to have the same horse power, amperage, and RPM.

How to Install a Blower MotorTools

A hub puller is a special tool specifically for pulling motors out.

  • Socket wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hub puller
  • Smartphone

How to Install a Blower Motor

  1. Shut off the electrical power supply to the blower motor.
  2. Remove the panel covering the blower motor on your furnace.
  3. Locate and remove the bolts or screws securing the motor housing to the frame.
  4. Take pictures with your phone of the wires connecting the motor to the furnace. The pictures will guide you when you reconnect everything.
  5. Disconnect motor wires from main unit.
  6. Slide out motor housing.
  7. Loosen the set screw next to the motor shaft.
  8. On the back side of the motor, loosen screws and capacitor leads.
  9. Unscrew hub puller until it can fit over the motor shaft.
  10. Tighten bolts on sides of hub puller until it grips the shaft firmly.
  11. Turn the hub puller clockwise until the motor comes loose. Support the motor while you do this.
  12. Carefully move the motor out of the housing.
  13. Undo screws on motor so that you can take off the belly band.
  14. Position the new motor so that its rotation matches the direction that the fan moves the air.
  15. Reattach motor belly band.
  16. Center the motor within the fan wheel and connect bolts and capacitor leads on back.
  17. On the other side, reconnect the motor set screw.
  18. Slide motor and its housing back into furnace and secure in place with bolts.
  19. Reconnect electrical wires.
  20. Restore power to unit and test the new motor.

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