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How to Measure for New Kitchen Cabinets

To get a firm idea of the cost of cabinets, you need to know their sizes. Learning how to measure for new kitchen cabinets is something you can do yourself. Once you have the dimensions for your plan, a kitchen remodeling specialist can write accurate quotes for cabinets. Then you can compare the costs of different styles and materials and develop a workable kitchen remodeling budget.

ToolsHow to Measure for New Kitchen Cabinets

  • Sheet of paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen or pencil
  • Camera or phone camera

Are You Changing the Kitchen Layout?

You will develop a sketch with measurements of how you want the new kitchen to look. You can keep the existing layout or alter the configuration of the counters and cabinets. Whatever choice you make, your sketch must show the dimensions of the future kitchen. Essentially, you don’t want to measure the existing cabinets if you are changing their configuration.

How to Measure for New Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Draw lines on your paper reflecting the walls of your kitchen space.
  2. Mark the placement of doors and windows.
  3. Draw lines to represent the position of the counters.
  4. Draw in shapes to represent where the appliances will go.
  5. Next indicate if a counter space will have above-counter cabinets.
  6. Once you have everything on the sketch, you can continue learning how to measure for new kitchen cabinets.
  7. Make measurements in inches. You can round to the nearest inch for the purpose of getting replacement cabinet quotes.
  8. To capture the space occupied by doors and windows, measure between the outer edges of the vertical trim.
  9. Write the measurement on your sketch in the appropriate place.
  10. Measure the length of all walls on the sketch.
  11. Measure each segment of a wall between doors and windows from the corner to the outer edge of trim.
  12. Write down the wall measurements on the sketch.
  13. Also make a floor to ceiling measurement.
  14. Now make measurements for the depth of your counters. Do this by measuring from the wall to outer edge of the counter.
  15. Mark down the measurements for the spots occupied by appliances.
  16. Write the measurements for the lengths of the counters.
  17. To assist with kitchen design, take photos of the kitchen from several angles.

Complete Kitchen Remodeling by Oliver

Oliver already has plumbers and electricians on staff who support our kitchen remodeling team. Our company can perform the numerous jobs necessary to replace cabinets and update your kitchen plumbing or wiring. You won’t have to coordinate with other contractors to update your kitchen. Once you have your measurements, we can advise you as you pick out new cabinets and other materials. To work with a proven home services company, contact Oliver today for kitchen remodeling.

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