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How to Install a New Sink

A new sink will brighten up your kitchen. Most people also choose to put in a new faucet at the same time. Plan on giving yourself several hours to complete the full tear-out and installation. How to install a new sink involves many steps. For most people, the most awkward part is working in the cabinet under the sink. This is a task that is best completed by a plumbing professional such as Oliver.

Tools Needed

  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife
  • Putty knife
  • Caulking gun
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Channel lock pliers
  • Bucket and old towels
  • Mallet
  • Hacksaw

How to Install a New Sink

How to Install a New Sink Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Shut off both water supply lines to the sink faucet. There should be valves on the supply lines under the sink.
  2. Enter the cabinet so that you can look up at the bottom of the old sink.
  3. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the clips holding the sink snug against the counter.
  4. With an adjustable wrench, decouple the flexible faucet supply lines from the pipes coming up from below. The connection should be just above the shutoff valves.
  5. Collect water dribbling from disconnected lines in a small bucket.
  6. If you have a garbage disposal, shut off its power supply.
  7. Working with channel lock pliers, undo the drain P-trap assembly.
  8. Disconnect the drain line coming from the dishwasher, if present.
  9. Disconnect the garbage disposal, if present.
  10. Cut the caulk sealing the sink to the top edge of the counter.
  11. Smack the sink loose from below with a mallet.
  12. Lift the sink and old faucet out of the hole.
  13. Scrape old caulk and dirt off of the edges of the sink hole.
  14. Drop the new sink into the hole to confirm that it fits.
  15. Lift the new sink out.
  16. Disassemble the new sink strainers and consult their instructions.
  17. Roll plumber’s putty into a coil and place it around the top edges of the drain holes.
  18. Press the strainer into place and tighten its nut from below.
  19. Wipe off the plumber’s putty that squeezes out during tightening.
  20. If you have a garbage disposal, attach its connection assembly to the appropriate drain hole.
  21. Attach the new sink clips to all four edges of the sink.
  22. Run a bead of silicone caulk around the bottom rim of the sink.
  23. Lower the sink into the hole.
  24. Working under the sink, tighten the clips.
  25. Wipe up the excess caulk that squeezed out on top.
  26. Consult the directions for installing the new faucet.
  27. Insert the new faucet through the holes on the top of the sink.
  28. Connect the water supply lines to the new faucet.
  29. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to reconnect the garbage disposal.
  30. Reconnect the drain line for the dishwasher, if present.
  31. Do a dry run with the P-trap drain assembly to see if it still fits with the new sink.
  32. If the new sink is deeper, you can shorten the PVC drain pipe with a hacksaw.
  33. If the new sink is shallow and the drain pipes won’t reach, buy new drain PVC parts.
  34. Tighten the nuts securing the drain assembly.
  35. Turn on the water supply.
  36. Run the water in both sides of the sink.
  37. Inspect all connections and drains for leaks.

Trust Oliver to Install Your New Sink

It’s hard to go all day with your kitchen sink disconnected. If your parts don’t fit, you’ll need even more time to finish and learn how to install a new sink. Our plumbers at Oliver know how to replace all sinks efficiently. We have experience with all the little things that can go wrong. We know how to resolve any issues that pop up once you tear out the old sink. To limit household disruption and ensure great results, contact Oliver for a sink replacement today.

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