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Humidifier Pads

We Offer Humidifier Pads and Filters to Keep Your Systems Running Efficiently


To keep your home comfort systems and accessories running at peak efficiency, their particle-catching products should be replaced at least once per season, depending on conditions and use.

Humidifier pads are used in whole-house humidifiers. The humidifier pad is what enables the evaporation of water into your home and replacing them at least once per year ensures that the humidifier evaporates the proper amount of water to keep your home as comfortable as possible.


Media and pleated filters, on the other hand, use different types of material to trap particles flowing through your home comfort system. Media filters are typically more efficient and have a larger holding capacity than pleated filters because they contain more layers of filter material to trap contaminants including dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and pet dander. However, not all home comfort systems can use media filters.

Ask your Oliver technician what kind of humidifier pads and filters are right for your system.


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