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Stay Comfortable with Whole-House Humidifiers from Oliver

You may not realize how much a whole-house humidifier adds to your family’s overall comfort until you experience the difference after having one installed. Whole-house humidifiers provide the right amount of moisture to keep your home comfortable and can also help keep harmful contaminants and airborne particles from multiplying and circulating. The following are benefits you may experience by having a whole-house humidifier as part of your comfort system:

  • Decreased dryness in the air, which can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms and lead to skin irritation and brittle hair
  • Decreased static electricity in your carpets
  • Decreased damage your furniture, wood floors, and paintings from dry air
  • Decreased shrinkage of wood floors and woodwork
  • Increased energy efficiency (since cold air feels warmer at lower temperatures, you won’t have to keep your thermostat as high)

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