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Electrical Maintenance Plan

With an electrical maintenance plan from Oliver, you won’t find yourself in a panic wondering who to call when you’re having problems with your electrical system. You can simply call us and we’ll send one of our expert electricians to your location right away.

Call us today at 1-877-757-1141 to sign up for our maintenance plan.

Our peace-of-mind plan includes:

  • Annual inspection included to ensure the safe operation of your electrical system
  • 10% discount on all electrical repairs
  • Priority service and scheduling
  • Free estimates for all renovation projects
  • 2-yr parts & labor warranty on all electrical repairs

With this plan, we will:

  • Locate potential electrical hazards and/or existing problems
  • Recommend energy saving products
  • Provide you with all electrical needs during the year at a reduced cost
  • Provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Keep your family and property protected and safe
  • Provide up-front cost saving solutions

Annual inspection includes the following:

We’ll test:

  • The main electrical panel with an infrared test to check for hot spots within the electrical system
  • Smoke detector operation and batteries
  • Receptacles for reverse polarity
  • Ground fault receptacles for proper operation (review locations)
  • Mechanical parts for proper operation

We’ll inspect:

  • Service entrance cables
  • Exterior service meter
  • Power company termination points
  • Exterior grounding connection
  • Grounding and bonding points
  • Proper mounting of equipment

We’ll check:

  • Grounding bridge interior and exterior
  • Operation & size of the main breaker
  • Trip setting for installed breakers
  • Loose termination points
  • Corroded connection points
  • Correct voltage rating
  • Acceptable amperage readings

Call us today at 1-877-757-1141 to sign up for our maintenance plan.


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