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Panel Replacement

Your electrical panel (also called breaker box) is the central hub of your home’s electrical circuits; you’ve probably had to access it in order to reset a circuit breaker. Sometimes homeowners experiences electrical problems on a regular basis. If this is the case, we’ll usually suggest an electrical panel replacement.

Other scenarios for replacing your electrical panel include: the need for more circuits, a poorly or improperly wired panel, an outdoor panel that’s over 30 years old, and more. If you believe you’re in need of a panel upgrade, we highly suggest leaving the job to one of our electrical experts; handling high amounts of electricity without professional experience can be dangerous.

An Upgrade for Every Home

Electrical panels can vary from home to home depending on your home size, panel type, installation method, and panel location. At Oliver, we deal with electrical panels of all kinds and can install a brand new one quickly and easily. We’ll help you upgrade the amps of your current panel or install a new sub-panel to extend your electrical reach. A panel replacement can improve the electrical power supply that flows to your home, making it more consistent. It can also eliminate frequent light flickering, breaker trips, and make your home safer by protecting it against potential fire hazards.

If you’re interested in a new electrical panel, contact one of our experts today. We’ll make a trip out to your home and assess your current situation. Then, we’ll provide you with a suggestion that we think fits your budget and lifestyle.


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