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Heating Systems

At Oliver, we know that there can be a lot to choose from when it comes to heating systems. There are many different designs with many different features and many different fuel options. We’re here to shed some light on popular systems like gas furnaces and boilers; find out more about them and which may be right for you.

Gas Furnace

Gas FurnacesIf your home is set up for natural gas, a furnace is a great heating option. Sometimes known as “forced-air” furnaces, these furnaces are heated by natural gas and once the air is hot, it’s pushed through the ductwork of your home or building. Gas furnaces come in varieties like single-stage heating, two-stage heating and modulating. Which system you choose depends on things like your heating needs, your ductwork, and your budget.

Single-stage furnaces have just one stage of heat output: high. This means that they constantly produce the highest possible amount of heat.

A two-stage furnace has two stages of heating: one that runs when the outside temperature is cold, and a second that kicks on when the temperature drops significantly.

Modulating furnaces ramp up and down to match the heating needs of your home as closely as possible.  They are the most comfortable system we offer.

At Oliver, we carry all of these common gas furnaces and can help you choose which would be best for your home or building.


Buderus Ultra High-Efficiency Wall-Mounted Condensing Boiler - 98% AFUEUnlike gas furnaces, boilers distribute heat using water instead of air and don’t require ductwork. Instead, they use radiators to emit heat. While boilers were once considered a low-efficiency heating option, their designs have come a long way and today, they can be just as efficient as other methods of heating.

Boilers can be powered by a number of fuels.  At Oliver, we offer boilers that use natural gas, propane, or oil. Boilers can also feature a direct-vent style or a natural draft style of airflow. Direct-vent boilers rely on outside air for combustion while natural draft boilers rely on internal air. This means that since direct-vent boilers don’t use already-warmed air to operate, they’re usually more efficient.

Which boiler you choose can depend on how large your home or building is, what your budget is, and what type of fuel you use.


Weil-McLain Oil Boiler - 85% AFUEThe majority of homes in the U.S. use either natural gas or electricity to warm their homes, but there are many that use a different fuel – oil. Oil can be used to power both boilers and furnaces and can put out more heat than other heating sources. Whether your home or building is fueled by oil usually depends on your location. If you’re in a remote area, natural gas lines may not run out that far and you may have to have oil delivered to you.

No matter what kind of heating system you’re looking for and what kind of fuel you use, the experts at Oliver can help you find something perfect for your needs.


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