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HVAC Maintenance Plans from Oliver Will Protect Your Investment

What are the real benefits of HVAC maintenance plans from Oliver?

Proper Refrigerant Charge:

Refrigerant “charge” is the amount of refrigerant in your system. Improper refrigerant charge will damage your equipment and decrease its efficiency. As little as a 15% under-charge can result in a 25% decrease in efficiency and as the charge drops farther, efficiency decreases faster. With every HVAC maintenance plan, we will add up to 2 lbs. of refrigerant at no charge.

Clean Coils:

Dirty condenser coils will reduce your system’s ability to remove hot air from your home. If it’s taking longer for your coils to get rid of this air, your system runs longer and increases your electric bills. If this coil is maintained, you’ll ensure proper air flow to all areas of your home, increase the comfort level in every room, implement better dehumidification, and make your air cleaner and healthier to breathe.

Part Lubrication:

As parts operate throughout the day, lubrication decreases and they have to work harder to operate. With every HVAC maintenance plan, we’ll ensure proper operation of your system and extend the overall life of your equipment. In addition, you’ll save energy with well-lubricated parts.

Clean Filters:

Clogged filters can cause many issues, such as increased energy consumption, lower comfort levels, damage to parts, reduced air flow, and reduced humidity removal. A clean filter can help reverse all of this and lead to increased system performance.

Thermostat Calibration:

During the year, your thermostat can become off-balanced. During an HVAC maintenance plan inspection, our technician will make sure your thermostat is properly calibrated to ensure accurate temperature control and operations, which will save you energy costs and provide for better comfort levels.

Proper System Start-Up:

If your system is starting up properly, there will be less wear-and-tear on your equipment and your investment will last longer.

Algae Elimination:

As your system removes heat from your home, humidity is extracted from the air. The condensation that humidity creates is cleared from your system via a condensate drain line; this can cause a build-up of algae and water damage to the ceilings and/or floors in your home.

Healthier Indoor Air:

If your system’s fan motors are dirty, they will push dirt back into your home and affect people who suffer from allergies, sinuses and other respiratory problems. We’ll clean your fan motor so it will provide even air flow and reduce the spread of dust and dirt in your air.

Proper Temperatures:

If the temperatures in your home are constantly differing, not only is your comfort level sacrificed, but energy efficiency and the amount of humidity removed from the air are also decreased. By maintaining your equipment once a year, you’ll be able to ensure proper temperatures throughout your home and eliminate the issues associated.

Outdoor Equipment Protection:

Harsh contaminates and the weather outside your home can damage outdoor units if they are not addressed regularly, thus shortening the life of your equipment. Proper care and maintenance on your system, as well as an all-weather coating, will help to protect your investment.

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