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Sewer & Water Line Inspection

Over the years, Oliver plumbing professionals have seen a wide array of sewer and water line problems. Since sewer and water lines are hidden from sight, homeowners don’t see what’s going on within them and therefore don’t know if there’s a problem – until it affects their living situation. There are many reasons to inspect a sewer or water line, including:

Tree Roots

Sometimes tree roots can grow right into the piping of a sewer line or water line and cause major leaks or blockages. This type of situation needs to be handled delicately, so leave it to our experts. We’ll inspect the affected line and get it fixed quickly.


If you have a large amount of debris built up in your sewer lines, you may experience a back-up of waste that can either come into your home or a neighbor’s home. You can experience the same thing with a backed-up water line; water leaks have been known to cause flooding and contribute to mold growth.  An inspection can determine if your drain needs to be cleaned.

New Home

If you’re in the market for a new home, a sewer line inspection and water line inspection are two of the best things you can do before you decide to buy the home. This is especially true with older homes, where the lines may be weak or damaged. On the contrary, if you’re selling your home, sewer line and water line inspections are a good idea. That way, you can use their good condition as a selling point.


Over the years, many homeowners decide to add onto their home to make it a little larger. If you plan on doing so and your new room will have a sink or toilet, you’ll need to inspect your sewer and water lines to make sure the new layout is feasible.

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