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Water Quality

Do You Trust The Quality Of Your Water?

Woman drinking waterFor many years, we have taken it for granted that the water in our home is safe. Although we may prefer the taste of bottled water, we still use tap water for cooking, bathing, washing our dishes and clothes, brushing our teeth, and filling our pets’ water bowls.

Water Quality Isn’t Just An Issue Somewhere Else

News stories about Flint, MI brought national attention to the fragility of our public water system. Locally, the townships of Willow Grove and Horsham are dealing with the discovery of perfluorinated compounds (PFC’s) in the local water supply.

Public Water vs Bottled – Convenience & Expense

Public water is treated at a plant, and has chlorine and flouride added to it before traveling through miles of old, dirty piping before reaching your home. It can have high levels of calcium (hardness), which affects your appliances, shower doors, clothes, and your skin.

Even purchasing bottled water doesn’t fully solve the problem. Economically, it can be up to 2000 times the cost of tap water. Ecologically, only one in five water bottles are typically recycled – the other four contribute to 1.5 million tons of annual plastic waste.

Improve The Water Quality In Your Home

If you have received a notification about contaminants in your water, or are concerned about the water quality in your home for other reasons, Oliver can help. Our experts would be happy to discuss a treatment process that can alter it for the better and make your water safer for you and your family.

Oliver also offers a full line of water treatment solutions to measure hardness, iron, PH, chlorine, and Total Dissolved Solids levels. By performing an on-site water evaluation, Oliver can provide you with answers to all of your water quality questions.

Additionally, we offer under-sink filtration for drinking water and a whole home filtration for a “final barrier” solution.

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